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We toured D’Addario HQ and it was amazing!

Sharing my daughters guitar journey on LinkedIn is always meant to inspire. D’Addario enters the chat.

It all started from an idea. Thinking about Long Island’s great musical heritage, D’Addario has always been one of the biggest players in the game for LI/NY musicians.

Strings, straps, winders, tuners, exercise tools.. you name it and they likely build it, right here on the island.

So I thought to myself “Hey.. let me contact them and see if I can get Alyssa a tour over the summer.”

No expectations.

Wife thought I had a 2% chance at best.

No contacts or mutuals to lean on.

Just that desire to hook my kid up with kick ass experiences that double / triple / quadruple down on her musical inspirations.


No form letter or bugger off message (that we totally would have understood and accepted) but instead an amazingly warm welcome from Natalie and Joanne.

I shared Alyssa’s journey at Guitar Center, the recitals, the video for Make Music Day, and her 100% legitimate love for the brand that has been a Long Island staple for as far as I can remember.

I guess it was infectious enough and Joanne graciously offered us a time to check out the facilities.

Fast forward a few weeks and we pull up to D’Addario excited and eager to learn more about the string making process. Danny takes us on an incredible journey both for the wow factors of the tech that goes into the string making process, but also the history of the business and the journey they have taken over the years as a brand.

Now as you can imagine we took no photos inside. That’s the secret sauce and will remain just that.

Sorry world, this is our home team!

After the fantastic tour they gave Alyssa an incredible goodie bag with her favorite NYXL strings, a capo, tuner, awesome tee.. I’m sure I forgot something.

Completely unnecessary and unexpected, but absolutely appreciated.

Thank you to Joanne, Danny, Natalie, and everyone who came up to us, said hi, showed us what they work on and how they do it.

We appreciate every single person from this experience. It was like living inside an episode of ‘How It’s Made’.

Thank you.

Alyssa at D'Addario

Thank You For The Killer Goodie Bag!


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