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Ten Sec Pep

Steve, What’s Ten Sec Pep?

Simple. This idea was created when my daughter approached me in the morning mid-April while I was fumbling around by the coffee maker before taking her to school. She said to me, “I have an idea for you Dad.”

Of course I’m tired, achy, still uncaffeinated, haven’t hit the gym, it’s literally 2-4 minutes into my day. But it’s my kid, you know? So you can bet your ass I have a minute to hear her out, even if I forgot to put a mug under the coffee maker when it started brewing.

“What’s the idea kiddo?”

Ten Sec Pep. Short burst videos to get the people you work with inspired. It can be a social media thing.” — Let’s be honest here. The idea was straight up fire and it woke me up like a triple shot.

In a land of 30 minute coffee chats these days, short and sweet appeals to me. Hell if I drink anymore coffee on these zooms I’m going to need a second bladder.

Couple weeks of back and forth on the idea, making a logo together (so it’s F’N amazing you hear me?!?!) and planning out different clips and sound bites here we are. Please subscribe and we’ll let you know when Ten Sec Pep officially launches! Thank you.

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