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Ten Sec Pep – Coming Soon

When your kid has an idea… LISTEN. 👂

They’re the ones silently (or not so silently) watching you, learning from you the good and the bad, and often have an insight to your world that’s 1000% on-point.

Alyssa had an idea for me and pitched it. (story & signup in the link)

Absolute F’N fire! 🔥

Ten Sec Pep – In a world of long AF video pitches and garbage videos promising the world and 45 minutes later you haven’t learned squat and their CC form is flashing on the screen to take your order.

The hell with that, let’s get pumped up, rock some short form content, and actually share useful information and/or motivating messages.

Amazing concept I know but look at your feed and your Messaging/InMails… you know how bad it’s getting. LinkedIn is getting noisy in all the wrong ways.

Click Here to read the short story of my morning conversation before my eyes are fully open.

I’ll have an article up here on LinkedIn and on the website in a few days giving the deeper dive of why we’re doing this… our plan and why we want to help people elevate their own nuggets of gold.

Ten seconds at a time.

If You’re A Business Owner Or Consultant Stuck In Your Marketing, Then It’s Time To Get A Second Opinion On Your Marketing Process…

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