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Stop overwhelming yourself this holiday season! Baby steps.

I’m working on myself this holiday break. 🤘

We all get comfortable, maybe TOO comfortable at times with our situations and routines.. The recognition that it’s time to break things up a little has arrived, and just in time for sanity’s sake.

We all need to value stepping back and thinking about our own lives and existence, what’s going well and what sucks. Put a plan together to improve the situation moving foward. This can be absolutely overwhelming.. especially during the busy holiday season.

That’s my PLAN at least and I can tell you from experience, year after year, my TTD list only grows and my distractions increase.

The hardest part of what I call being an ‘idea person’ is that the flow never stops and it creates a cascading waterfall of shit I want to do but just don’t have the time, energy, or often true desire for.

If you saw my Milanote account it may cause temporary insanity. The number of boards for project ideas, hundreds of pages of content, digital and scanned art, etc. is again.. overwhelming.

Lightbulb moments get harnessed and my desire to map out a monstrous strategy that I’ll never be able to singlehandedly accomplish is born, often filled up pages and pages of notes for the future. But without the action plan to put them in motion… will those lightbulb moments make it out to the universe??? Or just be stuck in a note taking system languishing.

Baby steps to the internet. Baby steps posts online. Baby steps does not care about metrics. Baby steps to a video……..

This year I’ve decided to start shaking things up, putting a little more ‘me time’ into the mix, and just do what I want.. not what people necessarily expect. That’s a decisively good thing and is what makes us all unique.

I’m lucky enough to have some free time every day and how I use that free time has been slowly changing over the past few months. Even considering things like the 80/20 rule in my personal life, not just business, has been a big help for me personally in grounding myself for the next push forward.

BABY STEPS! Just like Bill Murray in the classic movie ‘What About Bob?’ when he learned how to handle himself better by being completely invasive to his therapist and living with him in their vacation home. No I’m not about to move into a random therapists vacation home, or show up ringing a clients doorbell with a suitcase (even though I know there’s a bunch of couches in this universe that might enjoy the random NY visitor.)

It’s time to take those small steps towards the goals already meticulously mapped out in those notes.

Small enough steps to NOT get overwhelmed, anxious, or even bored of what the plan is.

So are you with me? I’ll give you a little homework for the holiday break. Take your favorite note tool, journal, notebook, sticky note, scrap of toilet paper… WHATEVER.. and write down for yourself 2-5 small yet accomplishable goals for yourself to implement in the first quarter of 2023.

If you want to talk about those goals with someone? Count me in. Like I said the luxury of a little free time goes a long way and I’m always willing to share it with others.

Happy Holidays!!


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