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Skate or Die

Skate or Die! That’s what the arcade game 720 always told me as a kid. Now I skate with my own kid…

..tricks and ramps are a thing of the past. But we had a ton of fun over the holidays putting this new deck together, my daughters first skateboard.

She’s been bumming a deck from me all these years when we go to the park. Blind makes some cool art these days and her choice fit her rock and roll personality well.

The dog town? That’s my 10.5 old man cruiser on some fat ass 69mm cloud ride wheels.

Why share skateboards on LinkedIn? Simple. We work for our lifestyle and family. Without taking time to share and appreciate the other things we do in our lives LinkedIn would be little more than a never ending sales pitch of services.

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Originally posted on my LinkedIn account.

blind boombox skateboard
blind boombox complete roller
steves dogtown skateboard

Plot twist.. 1 month later and it’s pretty much too cold most of the time to go to our skate spots. My kiddo found the next best thing… fingerboards.

So now we have a new thing to have fun with and do together. Her loving all the new modern art, and me looking on ebay for old man decks for my fingers.

Just like this posts original intent though.. it’s about the OTHER things we all do at times and not that secret sauce we get paid for.

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