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Just a Steel Panther loving rock n roll man heading to the Knicks game last week. Great game, we beat the Cavs in a nailbiter, and I even was lovingly frisked by security when they didn’t understand why my jacket weighed 20lbs.

Is rock and roll really dead? The security thought so when my dinosaur of a real leather and steel buckle jacket was in his hands questioning what I was ‘sewing into the lining’ … A BATTLE-AXE I replied.

Wait, maybe I’m the damn battle axe!

Rock-n-Roll for me will live forever.

But… in a land where everyone is always trying to be “their authentic selves” with highly manicured headshots, studio photos, AI edited pics, the works.. I thought it would be nice to post a REAL pic, taken by my 10 year old in between rounds of her playing Fortnite.

Authenticity has become a buzz word over the past few years and sadly it has taken a lot of the spirit and value of the idea away.

We need to get back into actually living and sharing that authenticity with others.

I don’t post suit and tie shots for a reason. I only wear a suit jacket for 1 hour a month, for a specific live stream, and that is it.

Otherwise, you get this guy.

And he f’n rocks.

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