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If You’re A Business Owner Or Consultant Stuck In Your Marketing, Then It’s Time To Get A Second Opinion On Your Marketing Process…

Steve Lichtman
Founder & CEO of Rokstar LABS

I see the marketing ecosystem as constantly evolving, let me know if you agree on these. The marketing machine is speeding up and delivering less.

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Prolonged Marketing Establishment

The amount of time and money people are spending on marketing, often without a second opinion… is staggering. A ton of resources are going out, but nothing is coming in.

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The Plan Is Fragmented

You’re “shooting with the lights off” and posting up randomly to LinkedIn, the website, and your email campaigns desperately trying to “be visible” but really not getting seen at all. Why? Because everyone else is, so you’re just following the pack and hoping it works.

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Giving The Farm Away!

In your attempt to build credibility in your marketing, you end up giving it all away. Eventually it hits the point where I have to ask you… is there anything left?

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High Volume vs High Quality Clients

You built out your marketing strategy to be “something for everyone” but the truth is you need to be narrowing the focus down to who your ideal clients are… because they’re willing to pay a premium for your skills. 

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Here are my three criteria of those I’m not willing to speak with and I’d like you to take your time reading these, because if any apply to you, we wouldn’t be a fit:

My Partners Need Convincing

“My business partners recognize that we need to change, but they’re just too “old school” and I will need to run everything by them for their stamp of approval”

You’re stuck my friend, and I feel for you. You clearly recognize the need for change in your marketing strategy and implementation but it’s unlikely you’re going to get their support for the changes we would implementing to your universe.

I Need Spousal Approval

“My spouse needs to be a part of all my decisions, even though they are not a part of the business.”

That’s a tough spot, and one I personally would not want to be in the middle of. If you can’t make final decisions for your business, without checking with your spouse first… then I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Tip: Being decisive in your business is the secret sauce for many business owners.

My Sales And/Or Marketing Team Has To Approve

“My sales and/or marketing team need to be onboard and approve the strategies we want to implement.”

Who is in charge of your business? If you own a business and your sales and marketing team is wasting your money by not being effective, the only person you need to ask permission from… is you. When your team is more successful and hitting new milestones they’ll be thankful for you “making them do it.” Change isn’t always easy.

Schedule Your Complimentary 30-minute Marketing Growth Consultation!

In a time of "Marketing Overload" in which there is more fluff than substance, it's critical to work with people and processes that actually work. Not only does Steve understand what works, he also will tell you what won't - and not to waste your time and money. I found Steve's objective look at today's market environment to be a breath of fresh air. He will also not give you the "Madison Avenue" speak, but give it to you straight. Honesty and integrity are had to find, along with top skills nowadays. Steve has both, and you would look a long time to find another with both. I highly recommend Steve and suggest you make him your trusted advisor.

Rich Kohler CEO of Kohler Consulting Group
Rich Kohler
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