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LinkedIn InMail – What NOT To Do!

/rant on

Let me paint a picture for you real quick.

My LinkedIn InMail like many of you has good and bad days.

Recently it was a total mess.

3 in a row, within a few hours of people wanting to connect. They all seemed ok, different lines of work but APPEARED to be people who bring value.

Each one after connecting had a generic (and poorly written) script sending me a link to their Calendly page.

The issue isn’t with the tech.

It’s the logic behind it.

First, we need to understand a simple point. I don’t know these three people outside of some mutual contacts on LinkedIn. Never met any of them. Perfect strangers.

They reached out to ME. 100% cold marketing.

One even made it sound exclusive to be THEIR CONNECTION (which with their “power connecting” methods I’m a drop in the bucket) but since I liked the vertical they were in I accepted to see what happens next.

All 3 failed. Horrifically. 

One sent me at least 1,000 words of text selling themselves with a Calendly link at the end. Zero warmth. I’m just a number.

Another sent me about 1/2 a dozen links, with the booking link last. I was actually impressed how insane this person must be to think “this is the way“.

The third connection sent me a few terribly written / unclear lines of copy with, “Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss further. All we need is just 15 minutes to explain!”

Explain what? Why I’m disconnecting with you now?

UGH. Can you even imagine?

It kills me to see this crap. Because crap is exactly what these people are doing to their online image and chances to make meaningful connections and build relationships.

I help people regularly with their online positioning and knowing this garbage is still happening is like a dagger in my social media loving heart.

Who the hell is telling them this is a good idea?

Another of the manufactured “LinkedIn Gurus” plaguing the platform now? Yup, I’ll call that out and own it. 99% of that industry is regurgitated garbage using outdated methods to bullrush themselves low quality leads.

The same people who tell you to InMail a new connection 5 times over the next few weeks with all of your offers.

Instead of actually engaging them on the platform and…
…being SOCIAL!

Afterall, it’s called Social Media for a reason.

Be excellent everyone.

/rant off

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