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High Volume Consulting Sucks

High volume consulting sucks! I know, bold statement. But let me setup a scenario for you…

You have spent your career building a unique skillset over the years, over the decades.

Unsure on how to deliver your value and the specific issues you understand with absolute clarity and confidence… panic sets in.

You dumb yourself down
You get nervous / anxious
You suffer imposter syndrome
You just can’t or won’t own your superpower

So… you come up with the most “open to anyone” consulting idea you can think of and go all-in. Spend weeks coming up with a clever name, pay someone for a random logo, and set up your business as. Then you keep on the normal build of a startup consulting business and:

Build a website
Establish socials
Write up content that’s good “for everyone”
Create generic graphics

All to the dumbed down, wide net version of yourself.

Launch Day!! Woo hoo!

You email your friends and colleagues, post up on your LinkedIn (oh shoot now you have to update that too so you just copy/paste in your new about page) and wait for those opportunities to start filling up your InMail box.


F%^K what did I do wrong. That’s what you keep repeating inside your head while feverishly breaking down every step of your new business.

Why aren’t people reacting to my message?
Why are they just high-fiving me?
Why is nobody hiring me?

…What did I do wrong?

If this feels like you at all don’t be alarmed. 1, you’re not alone. 2, this can be corrected. It all comes back to your original positioning of being a jack of all trades instead of really diving deep into a specific issue you have absolute clarity and confidence in.

Being specific matters.

Even if your skillset is varied, that’s ok. It’s how you apply and focus all of your skills into one specific problem your audience faces that will set you apart. It will give you total confidence that you can help anyone with that one issue.

Become the sniper of your platoon. Much more singular in focus than anyone else, but utilizing a bevy of skills to accomplish the goals.

Deliver a level of expertise on a specific topic that becomes unmatched.

Guess what?

You did it.

Now you built yourself a low volume – high value client base. Your lead gen is more about the issues than the solutions. No more trolling net off the back of a boat. No more ads to “small biz owners” hoping to just land anyone.

Re-work the website, socials, hell maybe a new name that hits your stride and newfound focus. Build content that deepens your understanding of the problem… not just spitting your solution out to people.

It’s a shift many won’t take and will continue to keep struggling with their business.

The choice is yours. Do you want focus and clarity in what you do and who you help?

Or do you want to just keep spraying and praying like an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie from the 80s (btw his classics are all amazing) and hope for the best?

It’s your life and business, that choice you have to make.

If you need help figuring it all out, and putting your ducks in a row… just reach out. Apply for a complimentary consultation and get the second opinion that your business deserves for your sales & marketing processes. Click here for your Marketing Growth Consultation or sign up for my Backstage Pass mailing list by signing up below.

High Volume Consulting Sucks

I truly hope folks that are reading these pages get value for their businesses. Feeling stuck is miserable, and I want to fix that for as many people as possible.

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