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Rokstar LABS™ was created to help consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners identify their stage presence and rock their message to the world...

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Why today? Why Rokstar LABS? Why any of this?

That’s a pretty simple answer… my passion is all about helping people navigate their Digital Business Development in a way that educates and familiarizes people with what is best suited for their goals and dreams. It’s what I have done for the past two decades for other companies as the ‘lightning in a bottle’ utilized to retain their clients longer. I’ve been helping consultants and business owners find their mojo, while giving their digital business development the shock to the system it probably needed for years.

The founding moment of Rokstar LABS was during a lazy day as I sat around with my kid and bounced a dozen names off her 10 year old creative mind. This was her favorite. It connects to us on a personal level since one of our favorite bands is Helloween and they wrote a song called Dr. Stein. It’s all about a mad scientist creating different types of people.

“Dr. Stein grows funny creatures, let’s them run into the night… They become great rock musicians and their time is right, time is right”

My daughter looks at me and says, “You are kind of like Dr. Stein, except you help people figure themselves out instead of creating them. And man oh man… she was right on the money and an idea was born.

A little history to what got us here...

The majority of my career has been spent helping companies and their CEOs build upon or create the strategies for their digital business development. Cutting my teeth with a C-suite telemarketing company for many years in the IBM PartnerWorld network. More recently I’ve represented the worlds leading authority in trust-based sales Unlock The Game as their acting CMO. My eccentric delivery style and willingness to find that one gap in the marketplace where you will undoubtedly shine has been a resounding strength and part of my ‘secret sauce’ over the years.

I truly love being your secret business weapon to help gain direction and structure for your business. An ally you can rely on for an honest, no-BS opinion and back it up with meaningful strategies.. while always keeping the integrity of your brand and legacy in-tact.

I created Rokstar LABS as a way to share my ‘lighting in a bottle’ with anyone trying to figure out how to navigate their digital business development themselves. You likely have a million other things happening in life and business and would much rather have a partner with a plan. 

Creating rokstars of business is why I’m here. Let’s shine those stage lights together, on you… and your business.

As an eternal optimist one of my beliefs is that anything is possible if you put in the work and care about your outcomes.

Are You Human...

What about the rest? I’m a husband and father, artist, unabashed headbanger, maker, and all-around creative force of energy and positivity. If you know me, I don’t have to tell you that, the experience has already been yours to have.
I was born in the early 70s in Orlando Florida but have spent most of my life on Long Island, New York. It was an amazing place to grow up in the 70s and 80s and today has that same magic for my own child.
Long Island, and LIFE on Long Island has changed over the years like anywhere else. Thankfully, it is mostly for the better and I can’t see myself living anywhere but here at this time. Embracing the change around you and our differences as people is what makes everyone unique.
Be unique! Be you! Never stop rokin’
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